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Semi Automatic Pusher-Type Sleeve Wrapper CA500S-1250S

CA500S CA700S CA900S CA1250S

Sleeve wrapper: CA 500 S – CA 700 S – CA 900 S – CA 1250 S

Tunnel: Additional
Independent half automatic pusher type (driven by buttons) sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel. Construction in steel sheets duly treated and varnished with episodic powder.

Product should be loaded on front of pusher, giving start by push buttons Goods will be pushed inside upper film on loading (in length adjustable) table. Next loading will push ready pack on nonstop tunnel conveyor. The unwinding stations will facilitate the “sleeve” closure of the pack.

The pusher type loading system, allows packing of loose goods, having different shapes and sizes, in relation with production shapes and size of film.

Main features sleeve wrapper
-Sealing Teflon coated hot bar electronically controlled.

-Top and bottom motor driven film unwinding station, for easy product introduction in sealing zone and with automatic film recovery.

-Pusher pneumatically operated by push-buttons. Pushing length 320 mm.

-Safety stop on sealing bar down motion should on its trajectory be an obstacle.
-Used film: Flat polyethylene film.

Main features tunnel
-Tunnel conveyor zinc coated mesh, speed 5.2 mt/min.

-Tunnel electronic thermoregulatory controlled air recycling.

-Shrink chamber in steel sheet, studied for a positive heat release of heating electric plugs (embodied in tube and provided with wings) and for a high air flow recirculation, for minimising heat loss.

-Adjustable air flow with suitable shutters.
-Product cooling fan.

-Double heat insulation for best energy saving.