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Automatic Conveyor Type Sleeve Wrapper CA500N-1250N

CA500N CA700N CA900N CA1250N

Sleeve wrapper: CA 500 N – CA 700 N – CA 900 N – CA 1250 N
Tunnel: Additional
Automatic sleeve wrapper line composed of independent front feed conveyor and shrink tunnel. Construction in steel sheets duly treated and varnished with episodic powder.

Operation of these types of machines is performed transporting goods on conveyor, inside film, over sealing bar. After sealing goods are transported on outlet conveyor, to shrink tunnel conveyor. The automatically driven unwind stations makes easy “sleeve” closure of pack.

Loading is performed by front conveyor directly connected with production line, which allows making packs of different shape and sizes in relation with production features and film size.

Main features sleeve wrapper
-Sealing bar Teflon coated, electronic thermoregulatory controlled.

-Top and bottom motor driven film unwinding station, for easy product introduction in sealing zone and with automatic film recovery.

-Infeed and discharge conveyors, speed 5.2 mt/minute. -Horizontal electric eye product control.

-Safety stop on sealing bar down motion should on its trajectory be an obstacle.
-Used film: Flat polyethylene film.

-Average output: 120/600 pack/hour.

Main features tunnel
-Tunnel conveyor zinc coated mesh speed 5.2 mt/min.

-Tunnel electronic thermoregulatory controlled air recycling.